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Personalized Professional Geospatial Service

RedCastle Resources is a small, innovative company specializing in forestry and natural resource management applications of geospatial data, particularly remote sensing imagery. This core competency is augmented by a talented group of training specialists who build capacity in partner organizations by designing, producing, and conducting training in a wide variety of geospatial topics. As a necessary part of these core business functions, RedCastle Resources is also experienced in designing and building the information systems necessary to manage, analyze, and disseminate large geospatial datasets.


Areas of Expertise

We invite you to ask about  our extensive portfolio of past and current projects. At any one time we are managing over 50 geospatial mapping, analysis, and training projects, so the following categories are not fully descriptive of all the work we do, but rather demonstrate our experience applying remote sensing and other geospatial data to a wide range of natural resource management topics. We have a track record of providing honest advice regarding the application of remote sensing imagery and over 25 years of managing and successfully delivering of geospatial products for natural resource management applications.

Mapping & Inventory

Practical Applications of Remote Sensing and Other Geospatial Data

Information about the spatial distribution of vegetation is one of the most fundamental needs in land management.  RedCastle Resources (RCR) personnel are actively engaged in all aspects of vegetation mapping, from developing innovative ways to analyze geospatial data to managing large vegetation mapping projects.  In addition, RCR projects vary widely in terms of the scale of mapping, ranging from nationwide maps of forest types to local maps of invasive plants along small riparian corridors. 

The major application of digital remotely sensed data has traditionally been viewed as wall-to-wall mapping.  More recently, however, RedCastle Resources has been involved in developing new, and sometimes re-discovering forgotten, applications that use remotely sensed imagery in a sampling mode or as an element of a multi-stage sample that includes several imagery types and field data.


Sharing Knowledge, Providing Workflows, Building Confidence

At RedCastle Resources we have more than 20 years of experience providing training and technology transfer services that promote effective and efficient use of remote sensing technology and GIS for managing natural resources.  We understand the importance of catering our training material to the appropriate audience and have a variety of technology transfer options ranging from high level awareness material for managers and decision makers to technical hands on tutorials outlining data analysis workflows.  We have experience developing training across a wide variety of remote sensing topics which include but are not limited to: Aerial Photography, Satellite Image Processing, Lidar Workflows, Resource Management, REDD+ Monitoring and Data/Web Services. We understand how important it is to manage expectations of remote sensing capabilities and end products.  Through our training services clients will gain the needed confidence to use remote sensing technology in a smart and efficient way.

Geospatial IT

Application Specific IT Experience

At the heart of any geospatial enterprise is the Information Technology (IT) that drives it.  At RedCastle Resources we have full time staff devoted to supporting a wide variety of IT needs. From desktop configuration and support, to server architecture and management, and maintenance and operation of complex satellite receiving systems, we have you covered.

In addition to IT system support, RedCastle Resources maintains a development staff who specialize in creating websites and web applications focused on delivering and analyzing geospatial information. The development team also creates stand-alone image processing applications and GIS add-ins that make routine geo-analytic processes more efficient.

About Us


RedCastle Resources was established in 1998 to support onsite work at the USDA Forest Service (USFS), Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the majority of our approximately 50 technical staff still work at this facility. Through its contracts with the Forest Service, RedCastle Resources staff have supported every level of the Forest Service from the Washington Office to Regional, Forest Supervisor, and District Offices across the country. In addition, RedCastle Resource’s staff have a long history of providing technical support to USFS researchers and the USFS International Programs (IP). While working for IP, RedCastle Resources has developed significant experience supporting international geospatial and remote sensing applications and international capacity building for forest monitoring. Recent international support activities have included participants from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Contact Us

For more information about our services, please contact us.

124 South 400 East, Suite 200

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

(801) 322-5100

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